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Terms And Conditions

If Charterer for any reason whatsoever, cancels its booking

7 days or more - deposit refunded less a Cancellation fee equal to twenty five percent(25%) of total charter booking fee 

3 - 7 days in advance - 50% of the cost of your reservation 

Less than 72 hours in advance - 100% of the cost of your reservation 

*For cruise ship guests, the cancellation fees are waived if your ship does not make call on Tortola.

D. A deposit equal to Fifty Percent (50%) of the charter fee for each voyage shall be paid to the Owner at the
time of execution of this agreement which shall serve as security for performance of Charterer obligations
E. If the Captain’s and their teams decide that it is unsafe to go out and we can no longer accommodate you,
you will be refunded in full. However, if there is choppy seas and rain, this does not constitute to severe
weather. If we are available and can schedule you for another day, we will try to do this for you. Should
you decide that you do not want to go out due to rain or choppy seas, you are still responsible for the
charges in full for the day that you booked.
F. The Owner shall ensure that the vessel arrives at the port of departure clean and fully operative within
adequate time to ensure the commencement of the charter departs at the agreed upon time.

Payment Options

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Privacy Policy

I hereby consent and agree the Royal Paradise Charters has the right to take or use photographs or videos of
me and my party in any and all media worldwide including online social media (Facebook, Instagram,
Snapchat & TikTok) and Website now or hereafter known, for marketing and promotion purposes.
I hereby release to Royal Paradise Charters to exhibit these picture and videos in print or E-Form. I
waive any and all rights, claims or interest I may have to control the use of any pictures or videos taken while
any rendered service has been completed and agree that any use of said media herein may be made with any
compensation to me or any passenger in my party.

I Do Not Consent to Photo or Videos (Please check if do not consent, leave blank if you do give us consent)
The signature of the charter agreement by the OWNER and the CHARTERER implies the acceptance of the charter
fee and the associated terms and conditions by both parties. The OWNER undertakes to make the Vessel available
in perfect physical and operative state on the date, time and departure location agreed upon.

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